Don’t Miss the “Fight of the Century”!


The upcoming Mayweather vs McGregor pay-per-view fight (Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017) has been hyped to a fever pitch. It’s bigger than two big smack-talking personalities finally facing off — its Mixed Martial Arts vs Boxing itself, represented by these two fighting machines at the top of their respective games.  

No matter which camp you’re rooting for, you’re going to want to see this drama-filled, spectacular event. You have a few options:

View at Home
Watching the fight from the comfort of your own home will cost you $89.95 (+$10 for HD). Considering that the price to watch it elsewhere can cost almost half as much, it’s not a bad idea to invite your homies over and split the cost.

Local Sports Bar
The most affordable option, your local sports bars, can get rowdy — as they should during any exciting sports event. Easy Eight’s Billiards and Sports Bar in McAllen, for example, will be showing the fight on their massive screens. They usually charge less than the corporate chain bars which is why they always draw a big crowd, so show up early. Adolios in Brownsville will be charging $20 for the first 200 people and $25 after that.

Chain Wings
The massive crowd expected for this fight can quickly fill chain sports bars to capacity and not all locations show the fight, so call ahead. Hooters (McAllen, San Marcos, and Harlingen) is offering a reserve seating package: $30 before August 26/$50 at the door. Tilted Kilt in McAllen also has reserved tickets for $25/$30 that night.

Movie theater
Did you know you can see a pay-per-view fight on the giant screen, with surround sound? It’s perfect for those who don’t want to miss any commentary. At Cinemark theaters (Harlingen and McAllen), tickets are $40.

Where do you plan to catch the fight? Let us know where, why, and how much!


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