Image: @IngridSilvamax/Twitter

El Paso high school graduate goes viral after sharing the touching moment with her father

By Bryan Ramos


fter her father was deported back to Mexico three times, an El Paso high schooler figured out a way to honor her dad on her graduation day.

Leslie Silva’s father was deported to Ciudad Juarez 10 years ago and hasn’t been able to attend any of his children’s graduation ceremonies, so she went to the bridge of Ysleta-Zaragoza dressed in her cap and gown to celebrate with her dad before anyone else.

“My dad was deported 3 times for trying to come back to his family,” Leslie Silva posted on Twitter. “unfortunately he couldn’t make it to any of my sisters graduations including mine so i gave him the honor to be the first to see me before i walk the stage.”

Ingrid Silva, Leslie’s sister, tweeted:

“10 years and counting of my dad being deported and since he couldn’t go to his last daughters graduation my sister brought it to him.”

“I’m so happy our story is getting shared with the world and are seeing what the separation does to our family yet the strong love it give us,” she continued.

Congratulations to Leslie Silva and her loving family.

Image: @IngridSilvamax/Twitter


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