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Rapper Teka$hi69 at center of outrage

By Bryan Ramos


outh Padre Island sees tens of thousands of visitors during Spring Break and the most popular venue on the island, Clayton’s Beach Bar, is at the center of controversy for booking Teka$hi69, a rapper who pleaded guilty to a sexual crime involving a 13-year old, to perform during the week-long party.

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Daniel Hernandez, also known as 6ix9ine, is a 21-year old Brooklyn-based rapper who burst onto the rap scene in 2017 with songs like “Gummo” and “Kooda”. He also pleaded guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance on October 20, 2015, a class C felony, according to an in-depth report from Jezebel.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by Jezebel, which goes into detail about the crime, Hernandez posted three videos of the sexual crime with the 13-year old to social media. Hernandez claims the minor told him she was 18, and only posted the videos for “his image” and “shock value”.

6ix9ine is scheduled to take the stage at Clayton’s on Wednesday March 14, right in the middle of Texas Week, South Padre Island’s busiest as thousands of spring breakers, many underage, flock to the beach in search of a good time. The rapper covered in tattoos reading “69” is also supposed to be available for a Meet & Greet.

Clayton’s has received plenty of backlash on social media after announcing 6ix9ine would be gracing its stage. With other big hip-hop acts like Gucci Mane, Post Malone and Future set to take the stage during the week, many are pushing Clayton’s to cancel the concert as other venues have, wondering why Clayton’s would bring down this “trash” to the Valley.

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Clayton’s responded to the outrage by replying to comments left on its Facebook page, followed by a press release on Sunday.

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