Image: The ladies behind Mujer RGV. Photo credit: @MujerRGV/Instagram

Mujer RGV brings local female artists together for Día de la Madres acoustic show at Yerberia Cultura

By Bryan Ramos


here’s nothing like a mother’s love and with Mother’s Day falling this week, Mujer RGV, a local group of female musicians, returned the love with an acoustic show on El Dia de las Madres at Yerberia Cultura, celebrating the women in our lives.

Sirheem “Seems” Fuentes, the Founder of Mujer RGV, and nine female led acts took the stage to play to a crowd featuring some familiar, lovable faces, their mothers.

Image: Seems, the founder of Mujer RGV, and her mother, share a moment on stage on El Dia de las Madres at Yerberia Culture.
Photo credit: @Lifethroughlens2017/Instagram

“All my shows are dedicated to her,” said Seems, who played with her band Future Wives. “She taught me how to do so much and wanting to give back to the females, especially their moms, this show was for our mothers. I feel like introducing them into a culture that they don’t know can really help them see that their daughters are in a really good place and are doing something amazing, and I wanted to share that experience with the girls. My mom is so proud of me and I just wanted their moms to be proud of them to share that. We’re celebrating you guys by being ourselves; you made us be these awesome human beings.”

Mujer RGV is made up of female musicians from the Rio Grande Valley going on an acoustic tour making stops across the RGV, empowering women by giving them a platform to share their artistry with the world.

Image:”@evyroad & @spookybooty_ aka Manitas ☺ making our hearts melt during Thursday’s event. 🌹
Thanks 🙏🏼for supporting.” @mujerrgv/Instagram Photo credit: @Lifethroughlens2017/Instagram

While Seems got her singing start recently at the age of 26, part of the reason she created Mujer RGV was for women to shed the fear of stepping on stage and replacing that with confidence in doing what you were once afraid of.

“I think it’s really important to show people that women are doing it because there are a lot of women want to do it but don’t think there’s a place for them,” she said. “That’s kind of what happened with me, I was afraid too afraid to admit that I wanted to sing so I didn’t do it until I was 26, 27, and I didn’t want to have other people go through that, so long of a time wanting to do something and not doing anything about it. I think that’s showing everyone, females and males, females do have a place to be supported and there is females doing a bunch of things and we encourage others to do exactly what they’re too afraid to do.”

The show featured a number of songs dedicated to the mothers of the ladies behind Mujer RGV: Seems, Ally Martinez, Diana Tovar, Audrey Scott, Stephanie Celest, Evy Rendon, Tania Pinera and Minal Cheema; as well as live painting from Stephanie Camacho and female entrepreneurs and vendors like Good Karma RGV, Electric Stream, Forever Living- Team of Hearts, Wooden Arrow Shop, Designer Zoo Closet ExchangeHell on Heels, Oh, Cake Bakery and Romelia Saenz.

Image: Artist Stephanie Camacho presents her first live painting at Yerberia Cultura on El Dia de las Madres.
Photo credit: @mua_stephanie_rose/Instagram

Mujer RGV plans on putting on one event a month as the ladies behind the Mujer continue to hone their craft and create original music with goals of putting together an album.

“People have been really supportive of it so it’s kind of grown a little bit from just a coffee shop to a lot more than what I initially intended for it,” said Seems.

Give Mujer RGV and Seems and follow on all social media platforms @MujerRGV and @thergvseems.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there, and most importantly, thank you.


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