The last standing Blockbuster in Texas on Sugar Rd. in Edinburg. - Photo by Bryan Ramos

Netflix killed the video store

By Bryan Ramos


t is with deep sadness that I must inform you the last remaining Blockbuster Video store in the state of Texas is dead. The Blockbuster Video in Edinburg, the last of its kind, announced it is shutting down as the store prepares for liquidation Saturday morning.

If you drive to the Blockbuster Video located on Sugar Rd, this is what you’ll see, a message from the store’s management:

“Dear Customers,

It is with great sadness to announce that the last Blockbuster in Texas will close its doors. We thank you so much for all the years of loyalty. Please return all rentals to avoid any charges. We will re-open for liquidation on Friday 26th at 10 a.m.

Thank you,


The store posted an update saying the liquidation sale was pushed back to Saturday morning.

You may remember Blockbuster declared bankruptcy back in 2010 due to debt and competition from Netflix and Redbox.

As of April 2017, there were 12 locations left standing in the United States. Nine of those locations were in Alaska, and the other three, in the great state of Texas. Well, the other two Blockbusters in Texas closed, leaving the Blockbuster Video in Edinburg as the last man standing.

Now, they’re all gone. All we have left are memories of a beautiful relationship that has now come to a bitter end. It’s so hard to say goodbye, word to Boyz II Men.

I remember going to Blockbuster in Edinburg  as a kid, renting old WWF and WCW wrestling VHS tapes, which turned into renting inappropriate comedies I was too young to watch, which turned into a ton of problems as an adult, but that’s a story for another day.

It’s a shame, this all could have gone down differently. Blockbuster could have bought Netflix for $50 million in 2000, but walked away from the offer. Today, Netflix is worth $60 billion while Blockbuster is dead.

The store, located at 1510 Sugar Rd in Edinburg, will re-open Saturday morning for a liquidation sale at 10 a.m. where everything must go.

I’ll leave you with some something beautiful, tweets from one of my favorite accounts on Twitter @loneblockbuster :


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