On a mission to bring awareness and educational programs for historical preservation, representatives from BUILDrgv are ready to discuss topics that matter to the livable and sustainable development across the Rio Grande Valley.

Brunch Based Discussions is an event encompassing urban living and economic investment which invites the public to chime in on the discussion or simply enjoy delicious food while learning more about it. Hosted by Socialife News Magazine and B.U.I.L.D., the event kicks off at 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Infusions Eats and Drinks in McAllen.

“BUILDrgv invites downtown residents, citizens, property owners, stakeholders and developers with urban historic living experience to this McAllen venue to share and foster healthy urban living strategies,” said Pedro Ayala, founder of Urban Designer. “This is an opportunity for people who haven’t been to Infusions to come out and enjoy good food while supporting small business, and meeting your neighbors and engaging in a conversation about why they live in the Las Palmas historic district. We are also going to cover what it means to the local economy when we talk about urban living and returns on investment.”

BUILDrgv is a membership based organization which advocates for safer and sustainable urban living throughout the Valley. Through city planning urban design strategies help improve citizens’ physical, mental and long term health by implementing elements such as more sidewalks and trees in neighborhoods to encourage community members to walk.

“It has been proven that the key to healthier living can be sustained through better urban planning,” Ayala said. “We shape our environment and then it shapes us.”

The event Sunday will feature Mark S. Pena, a lawyer, cyclist and former opera singer, with his wife Michelle Pena, HR Director at McAllen Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center presenting on the importance of livability. Speakers also include broker and entrepreneur Cesar Villarreal and a presentation by Ayala on return of investments. Community business leaders and advocates are encouraged to join and tell their stories.

Ayala said all of BUILDrgv’s events are tailored to the locale and every community has its own local character, resources, challenges and solutions.

“Everyone should get involved because cities are living organisms that continuously change and affect how we live,” Ayala said. “In order to build strong communities, we need strong citizens that are involved with policy making, planning and zoning regulations, local ordinance enactments and simply communicating with your local leaders and building critical mass for healthier, safer and vibrant communities.”

For more information or to RSVP to BUILDrgv Brunch Based Discussions, visit or text/call (956) 513-0183.



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