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Shouldn’t have opened your big dumb bad BBQ having mouth

By Bryan Ramos


here’s nothing quite like when Twitter bands together to collectively roast something ridiculous. That’s what happened yesterday when Southerners and BBQ lovers everywhere reacted to this tweet and article shared by Munchies.

Image: @Munchies/Twitter

Oh no, baby, what is you doing? That is the saddest plate (can we even call it a plate?) of BBQ my eyes have ever seen. As a Texan and BBQ connoisseur, I’m downright offended.

First of all, pickles? Who the hell eats whole pickles with BBQ? Pickle slices I understand, but whole pickles? Rolls look like rolls, so I’m not going to discriminate there, but look at that sad, sad brisket. Dry and horrible. Thank God they didn’t serve it up with rice, beans or potato salad because that would’ve been disrespectful to three of the greatest sides known to man. This plate needs to be served with nine more beers because I’d definitely need to drink away the memory of having stuffed this poor excuse for BBQ down my face.

The article basically states that NY restaurants have added their spin on BBQ from places down South, which has resulted in restaurants overseas copying their adaptation of real actual BBQ that’s cooked in places like Texas, Kansas City and Memphis.

Twitter wasn’t having it with the claim Brooklyn BBQ is taking over the world. Here are some of the best reactions:

LOOK. AT. GOD. A real plate of BBQ. I’m 100% not eating your BBQ unless the cook is wearing these. These scream “I’m definitely a dad and know how to work a grill”. 10 out of 10 times, you’re about to have bomb ass BBQ if the cook is rocking a pair of these.

Don’t you dare insult southerners by calling that BBQ. Black, Mexican or White, we’ll put racism and other differences aside to bury you and defend BBQ.

Should have known the hipsters were at the bottom of this atrocity.

Ah, so that’s where the pickles come from. Maybe my taste in food just isn’t as refined as those who eat Brooklyn BBQ.

Image: @memgrizz/Twitter

Boom. Roasted.


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