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Stop the Wall: Save Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge set for Saturday

By Bryan Ramos


he frontline of the battle to stop Trump’s border wall begins in the Rio Grande Valley. If constructed, the first piece will be built through the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Alamo.

That’s why groups like the Lower Rio Grande Valley Sierra Club, La Union del Pueblo Entero, the Hidalgo County Democratic Party, the Center for Biological Diversity and Defenders of Wildlife are coming together Saturday to host Stop the Wall: Rally to Save Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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The rally will take place, rain or shine, in the field immediately adjacent to the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in Alamo, and will feature a concert, guest speakers, a BBQ lunch and ways to get involved and take action. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard while helping save South Texas.

The Stop the Border Wall: Rally to Save Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge event page states,

“Join us for Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge’s 75th anniversary as we stand against the Trump administration’s plans to wall off the refuge. … The administration has asked Congress for $1.6 billion for destructive new border walls and has stated that Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge would top their target list. A wall through Santa Ana would destroy habitat, stop wildlife in their tracks, and may lead to closing the refuge for good.”

The event page also states before and after the rally, people can enjoy bird walks, a tram tour, archery and kayaking in the refuge with no entrance fee.

The refuge covers 2,088 acres and is home to 400 different species of birds and 450 species of plants. It is also home to the ocelot, an endangered wild cat whose population is decreasing. There are reportedly around 50 ocelots remaining in the U.S. If built, the wall would run through three miles of the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.

The border wall is estimated to cost $21.6 billion and take 3 and ½ years to build, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, a price much higher than the $12 billion Trump said during his campaign. This is same wall Trump said Mexico would pay for, but since that’s not happening, he’s now trying to dip into the pockets of U.S. taxpayers to fund his barrier.

With the government shutdown ending earlier this week, much of the focus between Republicans and Democrats centers around DACA and funding of the border wall. President Trump took to Twitter, as always, to say this:

The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is located at 3325 Green Jay, Alamo, TX 78516. The Stop the Wall: Rally to Save Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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