By | Lizbet Cantu

“ I’ ve actually noticed that in the Valley it’ s the best shows, as far as the crowds go and no matter what the turnout is, I feel they’ re the most enthusiastic which is awesome because you don’ t see that a lot in shows anymore where they dance around, have a good time. There’ s always been great energy here. That’s the best thing that keeps a musician to come back.” Nina Diaz said before performing on stage along with A Business for Thieves and Ok Robot on Feb. 3, 2017 at Yerberia Cultura. Abelina Diaz, better known as Nina Diaz, was the lead singer for the Indie-Rock band, Girl in a Coma since she was a 13-year-old.

She has recently released her solo album The Beat is Dead after taking a break from her previous band. This new album provides insight into a journey of various aspects of her life. To order her album or follow her on social media, you can visit her website. Diaz has won several independent music awards and has been nurtured by Joan Jett. She has opened for singers such as Morrissey and Tegan and Sara, and also performing with other popular artists such as Tiesto. She mentioned her favorite location from the Rio Grande Valley is San Juan, as she identifies with Catholicism and likes to visit the church there. “ I’ m going to try my best with what I was given to be a positive influence on music in the world, being a Latina female and being the voice for those who can’t quite say something,” Diaz said. “ I got their back.”

Image Credits: Alexis Walters

Ok Robot is a punk rock band from Harlingen. They have been a band for seven years with a full LP out titled, What’s Your Reason For Existing? The band consists of Emily Rodriguez, Jimi Gonzalez, Eddie Skyline, Robert Saldana and Mario Gonzales.“ Ok Robot does not promote anything that isn’t child friendly, nor do we use swear words in our music. We are pretty much like a local, modern day version of The Monkees that happen to play pop, punk -Indie sound.” Robert, the lead guitar player of the band, said.

Image Credits: George Glass

A Business for Thieves is a four-piece rock band from McAllen that draws on a variety of influences to create a sound that ranges from bluesy, acoustic-driven ballads to raw, energetic post-punk. “We are not trying to fit into any particular genre or style; we just write music we love,” said singer/guitarist Tom DeRosa.

Image Credits: George Glass

Patrick Garcia, who is in charge of booking at Yerberia Cultura, took the opportunity to have Nina Diaz perform in the Valley, knowing there were a number of Girl in a Coma fans here. He also mentioned the importance of having a Latina female artist up on the stage, due to the large population of Mexican-Americans here in the Rio Grande Valley. “ We have artists from Brazil, Nicaragua, Denmark, from the Valley — literally from all over the world playing here. There is a cultural exchange happening,” Garcia said. In the future, Yerberia Cultura will be having both national and international artists from Brazilian band, RAKTA on March 5, to Helado Negro (NYC), Downtown Boys (RI), Xenia Rubinos (NYC) and SNEAKS (DC) on March 11.

Image Credits: Yerberia Cultura